Otago Recreational 4WD Group

Member of the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association


  • To provide interested persons with the opportunity to take part in organised events and trips into remote areas not usually accessible to conventional family vehicles. By being a member of, and identified as, a member of an organised group it is hoped that access to land closed to individual persons will remain open and available for use.
  • To promote recreational 4WD activities as a responsible family activity, which group members can take a pride in by not abusing the areas which are visited.
  • To promote safe responsible use of 4WD vehicles within the wider community and encourage the principles of Tread Lightly.
  • To work with community groups and Government agencies in order to keep access to remote areas and conservation land open for all forms of public access.
  • To monitor recreational areas and advise the appropriate authorities of any damage being done, to assist with damage control and rectification work as required.
  • To run public 4WD fund raising trips to assist charities which benefit the wider community.
  • To provide a safe group environment.


  • An Annual General Meeting shall be held every year, not later than the 31st day of March. The date, time and place of this meeting shall be advised to all members at least 14 days prior to the meeting being held. Appointment of Group officers shall take place annually at the AGM.
  • Officers to be appointed are: Chair person, Membership liaison person,& Safety Officer (other positions may be created as and when the need arises).
  • All members of the Group shall be required to pay an annual subscription to the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association (NZFWDA).
  • A membership subscription of $25.00 is payable to the Otago Recreational 4WD Group annually. Membership total is $45 (incl. NZFWDA fee).
  • Funds shall be held in a Kiwibank account in the name of Otago Recreational 4WD Group. All drawings must be authorised by the committee and notified at the monthly meeting to all group members.
  • Fund raising activities may only be undertaken on behalf of selected community groups or charities, providing that all funds raised are to be used to benefit the community as a whole in the Otago Regional area. All such funds raised are to be passed onto the selected organisation.
  • Any costs incurred during fund raising activities may be recovered by way of sponsorship or by separate activities (e.g. BBQ lunch). Any surplus over and above costs shall be passed onto the organisation the fund raising activity is being organised for.
  • Persons wishing to become members of the Otago Recreational 4WD Group will be required to take part in at least one group organised trip before an application for membership can be accepted.
  • Persons wishing to become members of the group must fully complete an application form, including names and signatures of the Nominator and Seconder who must be current members of the group. Any application must be presented to the group at the first monthly meeting following receipt of the application. A 2/3 majority vote of approval is required from among those members present at any meeting where an application for membership is considered before an application can be approved.
  • Upon acceptance as a member of the group the new members spouse and children (under the age of 16 years) shall be deemed to be members of the Otago Recreational 4WD Group and may take part in all activities. Voting rights at Group meetings shall be restricted to the principal member only.
  • Members of the Group must have a vehicle equipped with a Low Ratio Transfer Box.
  • The minimum requirements for tyres to be fitted on each vehicle while taking part in a club organised trip is as follows: Tyres must be of either All Terrain or Mud Terrain tread pattern and in good condition. Road style tread patterns are not allowed.
  • All members of the Group must take part in at least one group organised activity every 4 calendar months in order to maintain their membership of the group. Failure to do so will lead to automatic suspension from the group and revocation of membership rights.
  • Membership of the Group may be revoked at any time, following a full meeting of the Group, if a member s actions during an organised Group event, or by being identified as a member of the Otago Recreational 4WD Group, brings the group into disrepute. A 2/3 majority decision of those present at the meeting is required in order to revoke any persons membership. A member facing loss of membership shall be invited to state his/her case at the meeting and explain any special circumstances surrounding the incident in their defence.
  • All members of the Group must have their vehicles equipped to the minimum standard set down (and from time to time amended) by a full meeting of the group. Non complying vehicles may be granted or refused permission to participate in a trip at the discretion of the trip leader. All safety issues are to be taken into consideration when making this decision.
  • All members of the Group must carry in their vehicles, at all times while taking part in Group organised trips, the minimum safety equipment as set out in the Group rules. No exceptions will be allowed (additional items may be required for some trips and will be advised prior to the commencement of the trip).
  • All vehicles must display a current Safety Inspection Certificate in order to be allowed to take part on any group organised trip
  • Members wishing to take part in an organised Group event must advise the trip leader at least 7 days prior to the day of the event.
  • Where vehicle numbers are restricted for a trip, the principle of first in first served shall apply. A waiting list may be created where by the first on the list shall be the first accepted if a cancelled place becomes available.
  • All members of the Group must abide by the convoy rules established by the Group at all times while on a Group organised trip.
  • Prior to the commencement of all trips the driver of each vehicle and all passengers carried in each vehicle, complete and sign a disclaimer absolving the Group, trip organisers, and trip leader from all and any responsibility for personal injury of any sort, or damage of any sort to their vehicles and personal equipment. Land owners may require a similar document prior to entry onto their properties.
  • Where access charges apply it shall become the responsibility of the trip leader to collect these from the driver of each vehicle and pass them onto the property owner or their representative.
  • Dogs and Firearms shall not be carried at any time unless exceptional circumstances permit. Permission may be granted only by the trip leader.
  • Consumption of alcohol during a trip shall not be permitted other than at an overnight stop over.
  • Driver training days will be held from time to time which all members who have not previously attended and passed to the satisfaction of the Group's Safety Officer will be required to attend.
  • Please ensure that your vehicle is fully insured for off-road activities.